Carving Up Some Powder

March 28, 2014
It's been a long, hard winter. But if this weather's good for anything it's producing great skiing conditions. And so last motzei shabbos almost 40 guys boarded a bus at 1:30 A.M. and headed for the slopes of Killington, VT for a student government-subsidized ski trip. The lodge opened as the bus pulled in at 7 A.M., and we davened and ate breakfast before taking our skis and snowboards to the mountain. As the first ones on the lift, one gondola had an impromptu kumsitz on the way up. Some guys mastered moguls, others black diamonds and most of us wore snow-covered ski masks by mid-morning. It was a happy, weary group that gathered back at the lodge for mincha and dinner after the lift closed, and  after boarding the bus, we promptly fell asleep. 

Groovin' at the LCM Annual Purim Chagigah

March 18, 2014

The cold is unrelenting, but we refused to let it put a damper on our Purim celebration.

We got off to a rollicking start, barely waiting for alumnus Melech Berlove to finish reading the Megillah on Motzei Shabbos before breaking into spirited dancing in the Beis. While the cafeteria was being set up for the chagigah, students took to the streets of Kew Gardens Hills, dancing, singing and collecting tzedakah. Over the course of the week we raised a few thousand dollars for members of the community who could use a little help.

Preparing Tomorrow's Innovators

February 27, 2014

By her own admission, Ann E. Shinnar is a tough professor. She even sees it as a “badge of honor,” because in her mind, that means her students are well prepared for a life in science and “understanding how they can take observation and make conclusions.” As a Lander College for Men associate professor of chemistry and deputy chair of the chemistry department, Dr. Shinnar’s main goal is to show those in her lab “what kind of mastery they need to accomplish” to find order amid the universe’s randomness, in the hopes of their doing groundbreaking work. That’s why Dr. Shinnar takes such pride and responsibility in her job. “The mark of a teacher is someone who not only knows the material, but can explain it in detail and convey the important and beauty and excitement of that particular discipline.”

Scattered Across the Nation

February 18, 2014

Miami, Memphis, Dallas, Detroit, Toronto, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Baltimore. Lander alumni traveled from far and wide to attend the 5th Annual LCM Alumni Shabbaton this past President’s Day weekend. The theme was “Scattered Across the Nation” and the shabbaton was truly an ingathering of the masses.

The Good Old Days, in Jersey

February 11, 2014
About twenty guys gathered this past Sunday for the second annual North Jersey Alumni Brunch. Rabbi Sacks shared words of chizuk, Dr. Sokol spoke, and the guys gathered round Rabbi Shmulewitz to reminisce about the good ol' days of not that long ago. With graduates from Lander's first class (2003) to the most recent, it was a great time to catch up and spend time with friends and mentors. 

Magic Mehl

February 10, 2014

All it took was a little magic to rev us up for the Spring semester after winter break disappeared. The Amazing Alex Mehl was up to the task and, as the saying goes, we could not believe our eyes. Among the highlights:

Super Mishmar Takes on the Super Bowl

February 10, 2014

It was the first time the Super Bowl was played in NY/NJ, in a cold weather outdoor stadium, but Super Mishmar was a return in Queens, in the warm beis medrash at LCM. While some watched the disappointing game, many headed to the beis medrash. Mimon Mamane says the turnout was awesome, and the room was packed. Rabbi Meir Shalem’s shiur on “Halachos of Gambling” was a great success and especially apt with active fantasy football betting pools nationwide. Rabbi Moshe Crystal gave his navi shiur on Sefer Shmuel Alef about Eli who would travel to the mishkan for the regel.

Sun & Snow Over Winter Break

February 10, 2014

As finals dwindled down, Lander Men headed off campus for a couple of weeks vacation. Some traveled home to see family, some stayed local, some continued learning at Lander, and some set off in search of sun or snow (yes, despite the winter we’re having, snow).

Prospective Students get Taste of LCM with Melave Malkah in Israel

January 28, 2014

The first thing every prospective LCM student ought to know is that he will receive a top-notch education. But as 75 students who came to the recent melave malkah in Israel learned, they can also expect Torah, chevra, ruach and a whole lot of food.

Benia Wins Lander College Stock Market Challenge

January 15, 2014

Aaron Benia won the Lander College Stock Market Challenge. Again. This is not a recording.

Benia, a psychology major, has now won three of the last four contests, this time coming out on top with a ridiculous 28 percent return on investments.