Cholent and Dessert Bake-Off Highlight In Shabbos

December 10, 2013

This week’s in Shabbos with Rav Shmulewitz was highlighted by the annual cholent cook-off and the first-ever bake-off. Eleven cholents—some sweet, some spicy and some just really fatty—and 16 desserts were entered into the competition. As with the popular and electoral votes that don't always match up, defending champion Avrumi Weiser won the people's vote for top cholent and walked away with the "Golden Crockpot," but Rav Shmulewitz, the discerning but fair judge, declared a tie between Weiser and Clarence Wilcox, for which they split the $100 Visa gift card.

A Thanksgivukah Extravaganza

December 06, 2013

The guys observed a Thanksgivukah Extravaganza to celebrate the one-time cultural phenomenon in the form of a feast celebrating both festive occasions. Representatives of four countries—the U.S., Israel, Canada and Belarus—enjoyed heaping portions of turkey, stuffing, roast beef and of course latkas. For some reason vegetables were served, too. After going around the table so everyone could say what they were thankful for, they lit candles and sang Chanukah songs. They would have sung Thanksgiving songs, too, if only anyone knew any. Miraculously, the leftovers lasted eight days (hat tip: Tzvi Norowitz!).

Going All (Hanisim) Out to Celebrate Chanukah

December 05, 2013

Students and faculty came out in force for the Lander College for Men annual Chanukah Mesibah. After Maariv and candle lighting, we came back to the Beis to hear a Chanukah shiur by Rabbi Doniel Lander on the nature of the pirsumei nisah of Chanukah in contrast to the pirsumei nisah of Purim, and then headed upstairs for the party. While listening to the unmistakable sounds of the Lander Band, we danced for upward of an hour—sometimes circle, sometimes break, sometimes interpretive—only slowing down when the arrival of the food from Carlos and Gabby’s coincided with physical exhaustion. Students danced with Rebbeim, Rebbeim danced with students and just about everyone danced with a smiling Rav Parnes, creating the type of pure, organic ruach that cannot be manufactured or replicated.

LCM Reunion in Jerusalem Draws a Crowd

December 03, 2013

About 30 Lander alumni gathered at the Rodriguez Steakhouse in Jerusalem last week for the 4th annual LCM Alumni Reunion in Israel. Former students from all over the country enjoyed a night of catching up with friends, seeing rebbeim, hearing divrei Torah and, well, steak. The alumni in attendance spanned the history of Lander, with some representatives of the first and second classes, and others who graduated in June.

High Steaks for Annual Scavenger Hunt

November 07, 2013

What’s the best spot on campus? Is there something I can find to improve the living experience in the dorms? What would make Rabbi Shmulewitz proud?

No, these are not the idle thoughts of students waiting for class to begin, but some of the items Lander students needed to find for the annual LCM scavenger hunt.

A Winning Shabbos

October 11, 2013

We work hard and we play hard. With the end of the chagim season, we had a jam-packed in-Shabbos to relax, have fun and take the edge off our first full week back.

The Multi-Task Master

August 22, 2013

Over the fall of 2005 and spring of 2006, LCM Political Science alum Ari Lustig interned in the office of then-New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Seven years later, he still culls inspiration from those whirlwind six months. “Not anything having to do with her politics,” he explains. “The one thing that always struck me was how Senator Clinton was always on top of her game. She always seemed to have an intense awareness of what was going on. Even though I worked in New York and she was primarily based in Washington, it was interesting to see—when she’d visit the New York office—how she had her finger on the pulse. I really admired that, and it’s something I think about a lot. I try to emulate that model.”

Welcome to the Lander family

August 22, 2013

A little advice from those who have just graduated from Lander College for Men. Some things they learned along the way and a warm welcome to the family.

Down to a Science

June 03, 2013

When Chicago native Gershon Firestone graduated from LCM in 2008 with a Math degree, he wasn’t seeking your traditional accounting position at an international firm. But since earning his diploma, Firestone passed all eight exams required for full membership in the Actuarial Society of Greater New York (ASNY), which promotes knowledge and expansion of actuarial thought.

Lander Colleges Graduate

May 30, 2013

Touro College students at Lander College for Men, Lander College for Women and Lander College of Arts & Sciences, along with Machon l'Parnassa, and School for Lifelong Education, celebrated their graduation at Touro's 39th commencement exercises at Lincoln Center. Congratulations to the class of 2013. And a very special mazal tov to Dean Robert Goldschmidt on the conferral of a much deserved honorary doctorate.